Community of St Martin @ St Chad's

Anglican Parish of Sandringham and Mt Roskill

The Community of St Martin @ St Chad's is an Anglican Parish that serves the people of Sandringham and Mt Roskill. The Parish Patrons are St Martin of Tours (c.316-397) and St Chad of Mercia (634-672). Martin and Chad worked on the frontier of Christendom in their respective eras, bringing people to Christ as much by what they did as by what they said. The Community of St Martin @ St Chad's endeavours, by the grace of God, to follow their example in our time and place - and you are most welcome to join us on this mission. 

Patronal Prayer


Almighty God, you called Martin from the armies of this world to be a faithful soldier of Christ, and led your servant Chad to be an evangelist and bishop of the fledgling English Church. Give us grace to imitate their lives of love by walking humbly, prayerfully, generously, and courageously with you, that we may truly commend to others the faith which we ourselves profess; through Jesus Christ you Son, our Saviour. Amen. 

The Chancel of St Martin's @ St Chad's was design by Dr Richard Toy OBE (9 May 1911 – 2 July 1995) in early 1954. Toy, who was Professor of Architecture at the University of Auckland from 1959-1976, designed other churches, including All Saints, Ponsonby and the Nave of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Parnell. The photo above doesn't really give justice to the way light enters and moves across the Chancel through the day - best to come and take a look one Sunday morning.